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Choose From These Great Double 15 Domino Sets
Double 15s are Great For Playing with 8 or More Players

<b>Double 15 </b><b>Double 15 </b> Buying Tips
  • Choose dominoes with numbers or dots -Numbers are MUCH EASIER!
  • Domino sets are listed by order of price- the quality of the case and size of the dominoes determines the price of the set
  • Choose the case: vinyl, tin, or wood. You can buy a wood case separately
  • Choose an interactive hub with train & chicken sounds or a flat hub
  • All our double 15 dominoes are professional size
  • We recommend the CHH or Cardinal DOUBLE 15 DOT set because it's critical to have big BRIGHT-COLORED dots with double 15s
  • We recommend the CHH numbers set because the numbers are bright and very different colors
  • A double-15 set has 136 dominoes, with the tile numbers ranging from 0 (or blank) to 15.

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