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Why People Love Playing Mexican Train Dominoes

Why People Love Playing Mexican Train Dominoes

We have had the pleasure of learning about Mexican Train Dominoes games across the country.  This game seems to unite and build friendships that last forever.
Mexican Train Dominoes has just the right mix of skill and luck.  On the surface it appears, that it only matters what tiles you get, but in reality, the good players know that it is how you play those tiles.
keep-calm.jpgWe have all fallen in love with mexican train dominoes, it's so much fun and endlessly challenging.
Here's some of the clubs and stories we have heard.  Please send us yours !
In Jacksonville, they have built a large treehouse overlooking the river exclusively for dominoes.  The Domino Clubhouse hosts a weekly Monday night game and they have played for over 10 years.
It's members report how dominoes has changed their lives.
Our Tuesday night game has continued for years,even as people move, we recruit new players but keep in contact with the other players.  When they visit, they always try to visit on game night so they can see everyone at once.
These friendships are everlasting and treasured.
Families often play on holidays and it has connected grandparents to grandchildren.  One family requested a 12 player hub for their large family.  Their aging mother wanted all of her family to visit her and play dominoes together.
This is how the 12 player hub was started and we are so excited to be a part of this family's traditions.
Ruby Rails in Huntington Beach has expanded over the years.  It's a red hat society that has embraced dominoes with a passion.  It's run by Cathy Stanfill and she is always coming up with a new twist.  They recently took a train riged and played Mexican Train dominoes on the train


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