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Domino Playing Tips & Questions

Domino Playing Tips & Questions

ORGANIZING YOUR HANDfundex-wood-racks-picture.jpg
Place your TRAIN marker piece next to your best train sitting in your tray so that you are immediately aware of which tiles to play on your personal train. Place your EXTRA TILES away from all your trains in your tray. For example if you just have one good line of dominoes that go with each other and you end up with three or so that don’t match up with any train of domino tiles then put them on another area on your tray OR if you happen to have an extra tray place them there. Domino Tile Racks really help you organize your hand.

dots-dominoes.jpg  Domino Terms

GOLDEN TILE :The magical tile that you pick from the boneyard that can be instantly played
MONKEY WRENCH: Double tile played that cannot be covered (satisfied) and players are searching for a tile with the matching number (This process many times ruins plans of the players thus that DOUBLE domino tile has become a problem, A Monkey Wrench).
BINGO TILE: This actually is the Double Blank or Double Zero domino tile. This tile (Bingo) is played in BINGO (Domino game). BINGO is NOT the lottery version. This is strictly a domino game.
ADJUST: Say “Adjust” when you are fixing the placement of a tile (either on your own train or Mexican Train) while it is not your turn to let the other players know that you are NOT taking a turn but rather fixing (Adjusting). This term is from CHESS .

Domino Nicknames
Grapes -
Nine. Double Nine are double grapes! Most dotted domino sets have the nine in purple thus the pattern on the tile look almost like a grape.

Scrambled eggs : Yellow colored dotted six. Think of egg yokes when you see all those yellow dots on the tile.
Picture Frame -
Green dots around in a square pattern is the number eight. In the game of bingo (The lottery game), there is a game called “Picture Frame” and players will take their daubers and mark out the called numbers on all edges of the bingo card, which tends to look like a frame.
Number Seven (7) on a dotted domino tile. Notice how the pattern looks like the letter H.
Orange Slices -
Number ten (10) on a dotted domino tile. 2



Why is it called Mexican Train?   domino-questions.jpg


  • The domino's game's most popular name comes from a special optional train that belongs to all players.
  • The game originated from railroad workers who played it in Mexico
  • The World Champion of Trains is currently Hector Garcia.
  • Send us your version !


Why is it called Chickenfoot?
A chicken foot is created when a double is played. The name comes from the branching of the tiles from the double that resembles a chickenfoot. Depending upon where you live, you either play three doubles or up to five doubles from the double.

How do I use the hub sounds or whistle?


  • When do I push the button for the train noise on the hub?
    Push the hub to announce that you are starting a free-standing mexican train. You can also blow the train whistle to announce it.
  • When do I push the button for the chicken sound?
    Push the button for the chicken sound when you start a double. The double forces players to answer it, so you need to announce it.


When do I buy a double 15 set vs double 12 set?
You buy a double 15 set if you typically have eight or more players.



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