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Announcing One Domino Tile in Your Hand

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Rules for Announcing One Tile Left In Your Hand

This is the most disputed rule for Mexican Train Fun. More fights happen over this rule than any other rule.

This is the official rule:

If you don’t announce that you have only one tile left BEFORE the next player completes their turn, then you must draw two tiles as your penalty.

You announce that you have one tile left by announcing “Uno” or some people tap a domino twice on the table to announce it.

This rule has a very important function, it announces to the other players that you are down to one tile, so they should plan their strategy accordingly.

They should play a double so it forces the player with one tile to draw another tile (providing they don’t have this tile in their hand) and/ or get rid of high points fast.

The reason this rule creates so many arguments is that people don’t normally like to penalize their friends.

We are clarifying the official rule but it’s up to your group to enforce it and most importantly to have fun !


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