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Are Double 12 Tournament Dominoes Available?

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At MexicanTrainFun, we understand that the exact size of the domino is very important.

There are two benefits to larger domino sizes:

1- The Dots are a little bit larger and easier to see

2- The thickness makes the domino less likely to tip.

Unfortunately, the only manufacturer of double 12 tournament size dominoes, Puremco, discontinued  tournament size dominoes in the double 12 size in 2015.  Puremco was purchased by another company and they made the decision to discontinue tournament size double 12 dominoes.  We were as upset as our customers were to discontinue this domino but there are several options available to buy larger double 12 dominoes.


Double 12 Jumbo Size Dominoes

1- Jumbo Dominoes are NOTavailable in double 12 size.  These are only 1/16 of an inch less thick than the tournament size dominoes. They are available in ivory color and the dot colors are very vibrant. They use silver for the double 4, so that they have distinctive coloring on their domino dots.  If tipping is an issue for you, then we suggest you purchase our jumbo size domino racks. We make our domino racks in the US and they are made of a solid black plastic that doesn't tip.

Double 12 Jumbo Size Dominoes

2- Tournament Size Dominoes are available in Double 9  Dominoes with colored dots. Click on the link below to see them.

Double 9 Tournament Size Dominoes

Domino Sizes can vary and not be the exact dimensions stated. It's an unfortunate reality in the domino manufacturing process. We tend to see that the length of the domino is fairly consistent but the thickness is decreasing by 1/16th of an inch.  If the thickness is a critical factor for you because you don't want the dominoes to tip, then we strongly recommend you pick up a set of domino racks.  

We will keep you updated if we hear about any more availability for tournament size dominoes.


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