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Mexican Train Dominoes Glossary

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Everyone has their own terms for playing Mexican Train Dominoes.  It varies by the region of the country but it can also vary by the houses on your street ! To our knowledge, there are over 65 different versions of Mexican Train Dominoes.

Mexican Train Domino Playing Terms

Uno- You say this when you are down to one tile to alert players. Many people play that if you don't say uno before the next player plays, you have to pick two tiles.  Another version, is you tap your tiles loudly on the table to announce you are down to one tile.

Golden Domino -  When you can't play and you draw a tile from the boneyard that is exactly what you need- we call that the Golden Tile.
Monkey Wrench - When everything looks great and everyone is close to going out, then someone throws down a double and every has to pick (Groan). Someone has thrown the table a "monkey wrench" or another common term is"game changer"
is an inside joke.
BINGO Tile - This actually is the Double Blank or Double Zero domino tile.
This tile (Bingo) is played in BINGO (Domino game)
Adjusting - Say “Adjusting” when you are fixing the placement of a tile (either on
your own train or Mexican Train) while it is not your turn to let the other
players know that you are NOT taking a turn but rather fixing (Adjusting).

Dominologist  refers to a person that cannot be beaten in a game of dominoes. That player has no equal in the game. SEE -- http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Dominologist

Mexican Train Domino Terms for Dominoes

Grapes - Nine. Double Nine are double grapes! Most dotted domino sets
have the nine in purple thus the pattern on the tile look almost like a grape.
Scrambled eggs - Yellow colored dotted six. Think of egg yokes when you
see all those yellow dots on the tile.
Picture Frame - Green dots around in a square pattern is the number
eight. In the game of bingo (The lottery game), there is a game called
“Picture Frame” and players will take their daubers and mark out the called
numbers on all edges of the bingo card, which tends to look like a frame.
H = Number Seven (7) on a dotted domino tile. It looks like the letter "H"

Tile of Death - When there are few tiles left to pick and you are down to the end and your goal is to pick low tiles so you can go out without many points - BUT NO !  You pick a "tile of death" a double 12 or 12 | 11 tile. Start counting those points!

Stragglers- Tiles that don't match the rest of your hand

Please send us your terms and we will keep updating our list.

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