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Personalized Dominoes

Personalized Dominoes are dominoes that are custom printed on the back.  You can add whatever you want to the domino including  your name, birth date, anniversary, or logo of yourboat, company, favorite school, or anything you can think of.There are two ways to customize dominoes:Heat Transfer - a machine transfers the image or text to the [...]

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Why Do Domino Sets Have Errors in Them?

We check domino sets before we send them to you. But since the sets are hand assembled in China, it's possible (but rare) that they will miss a domino or place a duplicate domino in a set. Imagine working in the domino factory and having to tell the difference between a double 11 and a double [...]

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Rules for Spinner Dominoes

Did you ever wonder why some dominoes have spinners? What are they for? Spinners dominoes is a very popular game. We carry spinners sets by popular demand. (Our double six professional spinners set is here). Lots of people love to play. Most people don't actually spin the dominoes, although the spinner lets you do that. In [...]

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Mexican Train Dominoes Playing Tips For Beginners - First, Organize Your Hand!

At first glance, playing Mexican Train dominoes looks easy. And it all looks like winning is based on luck. While there is some luck involved, trust us, there is a lot of skill involved in playing Mexican Train dominoes. That's one reason why we love it so much! Here is one important tip to get you [...]

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How MexicanTrainFun Started

Our StoryWe discovered Mexican Train on a family trip. As we learned more and more about the game and played it across the country, we couldn’t believe how differently everyone plays the game. Most importantly, everyone LOVES Mexican Train and we realized there wasn’t a central place to find all of the different [...]

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How to Answer a Double in Mexican Train Dominoes

Answering A Double in Mexican Train Dominoes I'm here to settle the scoreThere is no other topic that gets as many questions than answering a double.Here’s the rules that we like but by no means does this mean this is the OFFICIAL RULES.Remember, whoever is hosting train gets the final say since they are serving the [...]

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​ Opening Tile Strategy for Mexican Train Dominoes

Opening Tile Strategies for Mexican Train DominoesThere are several strategies for opening in Mexican Train dominoes. If you have only one matching domino for the opening color, then there isn’t any decision. Here are some strategies to think about:1. First lay out your hand in your rack. Put all the tiles together as you [...]

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How to clean a domino tile

How Do I Clean My Dominoes?Dominoes pick up dirt from table surfaces, people’s hands, and food .Over time, dominoes become dirty and discolored because of the natural of the tile.If it is coming form the table top, we recommend using a table cloth or large felt cloth.A soft table cloth makes for a quieter [...]

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Announcing One Domino Tile in Your Hand

Rules for Announcing One Tile Left In Your HandThis is the most disputed rule for Mexican Train Fun. More fights happen over this rule than any other rule.This is the official rule:If you don’t announce that you have only one tile left BEFORE the next player completes their turn, then you must [...]

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How To Run A Mexican Train Dominoes Tournament

Running a Mexican Train Dominoes EventWe have been running train meet and greet events throughout the country and they have been great fun for everyone.There is no greater delight than watching someone play for the first time and see the light go on when they like the game. It’s been our experience that it [...]

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